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„Everything I need to know is revealed to me. Everything I need comes to me.“
Louise L. Hay

The articles that are tagged with „resources“ / („Ressourcen“ in German) are the core of this website so to say. I want to show that there are many possibilities for positive development, self care and healing available for us. It doesn’t matter if you are facing a serious illness like cancer, another chronic disease or is if you are healthy. I am convinced that these ideas can be useful for everybody! For a general overview about the website, click here) The resources are themselves split up into the following five categories:

Holistic / complementary medicine

Here I present books, research, doctors or scientists, who were important for me. There are many people who try to build a “bridge” between academic medicine and alternative treatments, eastern medicine / philosophy or self help literature. Some deal explicitly with integrative oncology and cancer treatment. I also want to show that understanding some physiological mechanisms in the body was beneficial for my healing.

Mindfulness & meditation

Mindfulness is our ability to be present in the here and now for the reality of the present moment. For me personally, mindfulness became an inner revolution. I saw how much power and possibilities lie within ourselves, that we can also use to heal and live happy lives. It was a spiritual awakening to see, how helpful it is to step out of excessive thinking or believing in all my thoughts, at least for a couple of moments. There is also a lot of scientific research about how mindfulness works and effects various illnesses. I will present some articles about mindfulness, teachers and guided meditations I like. I know that these practices can help to heal illness and create joy and happiness.


Healing mostly – and also in my case – refers to our physical level. In my experience however our psyche and mind are very powerful, so it is not enough to just address the level of our bodies (with a “healthy” life style). But of course the physical level is important. In fact also mindfulness practices often aim to reconnect us with our bodies and relearn to listen to it. Also for cancer nutrition and exercise are key factors for healing. So I will write about things like plant-based diet, fasting, physical therapy, osteopathy, exercise and movement, yoga, bodywork, sexuality/ sex life, but also working on scar tissue and chemotherapy as a resource.

Psyche and mind

Two central things I learned through having cancer are:
Firstly: Illnesses give us the opportunity for self growth, learning and deep inquiry.
Secondly: Our mind and psychological status have a huge impact on our behavior and immune system and therefore over our physical /health status.
That’s way many resources address people, teachings and techniques that focus on our psyche and mind. At the end of the day the baseline of all these methods is to love and befriend ourselves, to accept all of our parts and deal with life from this place of self acceptance. Many of the resources I write about are somewhat tied to spiritual ideas or teachings. That’s why I also created another category of articles with the tag “Lessons” (“Erkenntnisse” in German). For some articles in the mental-psychological resources, I go more into depth about issues in some lessons articles, that will be linked to the text.


I am convinced that my survival was possible also because of the enormous support I received from friends, family and companions. We as humans are social beings, and as Brené Brown puts it, we are wired to connect. There is an immense power in communities, spaces and relationships that are built upon love and acceptance and where people are accepted as they are. So in this category I will share a few experiences and ideas about community and receiving / giving support.


This structure with five categories makes sense to me and helpful is helpful for you to get an overview. But of course many things/ideas interact with different levels and belong to more or all categories at the same time. On a deeper level it is always about the same: To get in touch with the deep resources and powers that already lie within us. What I earned is expressed also in the introductory quote. When we go within ourselves and connect to our core, we will “find” exactly the things that we need and are right for us in a certain situation. The more we are present, the more we can follow an inner guidance or instinct or whatever you call it, doors are opening and things fall into place (for more info on how to read this website click here ).

You already have everything you need to heal within you!
I wish you all the best for your journey and send you lots of love with these lines.
So let’s start!


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