Who am I? On the attempt to tell a diverse story

In this website I’d like to describe my experiences as someone who survived cancer. My focus is on healing, mindfulness and self care. This is naturally not the only aspect of my life as Lukas. I am not only a survivor of cancer, but also a 29-year old social worker by profession, a brother and uncle, the son of teachers and a gay cisgender man. I am a person who grew up in a terraced house with a garden in Vienna’s 21st district and who likes learning foreign languages and someone who can avoid tasks for weeks whenever they are unpleasant or seem boring.

A lot of different things have influenced my personality. For a long time I was active in an educational anti-discrimination project for lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer human beings. I was working with beautiful people in an associating for prevention of violence and sexual abuse. I thoroughly dealt with concepts of gender and gender justice. At the moment I have finished a training course dealing with the prevention of sexual abuse and intervention in cases of abuse. I want to stand up for a world without (sexual) violence, where people treat each other in a respectful and considerate way and in which all people can live free and healthy lives.

I am also interested in cooking, I like doing sports – at the moment I am taking a course in aerial acrobatics, and I enjoy riding my bike except in freezing weather. Although I try leading a respectful and attentive life I unfortunately often waste my time on Facebook, the Internet or dating-apps. I can often be a good listener for others. Despite having developed a good feeling for my inner self and a continuous mindfulness practise, often negative thoughts, and feelings like fear, envy and anger overcome me. Then I feel as if I was back to square one again.

Thoughts about telling a/my story

In this blog I will try to present a complex story about myself, with various points to connect for different people. There is a brilliant Tedx lecture by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in which she reflects on the dangers of the single story. In her talk she deals with prejudices and racism. For example, when Europeans/ Westerners only associate poverty and problems with African countries. It is also a single story if we only see one aspect of another person, instead of a complex personality. For example, it would be a single story to perceive me as just a cancer survivor and nothing else.

What kinds of stories are told in a social context depends to a large extent on the distribution of power. The stories we tell about ourselves and others depend on our state of consciousness and our social surroundings. The more stories we are ready to accept and to learn from the richer our lives become. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie rounds up her lecture with the words, „When we reject the single story. When we realize that there is never a single story about any place. We regain a kind of paradise.“

I love this message and therefore I want to present it here. Even if the idea to this website developed to tell my story as a patient of cancer and my healing process, there is more to it than this aspect. At the moment, I have the feeling that the stories that are told in the political realm in Austria become narrower and narrower. There seems to be almost a single story about the dangers and threats associated with refugees and migrants. If we humans can only see one aspect of a situation, or see people with the single story in our head, we will lose the possibility to realise our connectedness and our unity. With this website I would like to contribute to the possibility of experiencing connectedness and wholeness and invite you along this journey!


No matter who you are, what your story is, where you grew up, which gender you are or what your sexual orientation is, what your profession is, how much money you have, what you believe in, whether you are in a good physical or mental state: with this site I’d like to present a story of hope, recovery and inner peace that hopefully inspires you! I want to show that there is not only one way towards healing, but that there are many possibilities that address different aspects of our personality and our existence as human beings.

At the same time I try to stay authentic, and hopefully you will have this impression. If you see me as a person who is always happy and some kind of super hero because I seem to live up to the ideas I write about, then I can tell you that I am a person like everybody else. There are frequently things that don’t work or where I fail and there are certainly decisions that turned out to be wrong after some time. The fact that I write about being grateful does not mean that I am grateful all the time. Writing about a healthy diet does not mean that I never gobble junk food to divert myself from unpleasant situations, and so on.

In the following articles I’d like to give away more about myself, my ideas and visions that made me write this and thoughts how you as the reader might want to approach this blog. I want to inform you about the medical history of my diagnosis and my therapy, what I did afterwards and about my current situation.

Thank to my parents Rainer and Helga Brock for helping me translate this article into English!

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