Follow me on my journey as a queer cancer survivor

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What is

Are you living with a cancer diagnosis / condition or a chronic illness? Did you survive cancer or other forms of trauma? Dealing with this is part of your life? Are you supporting a loved one or friend in a difficult situation? Are you interested in mindfulness, spirituality and self care? Are you maybe queer or live your sex and relationship life outside of hetero normative rules?

Then maybe you will connect with me and my story as a cancer survivor at some points. And I hope that you can take something positive from this blog with you!

My name is Lukas. I am in my early 30ies, live in Berlin,Germany and grew up in Vienna / Austria. I am queer, a highly sensitive person / empath, gay, spiritual and unite different aspects within me,some are mentioned with the hashtags at the top of this page. In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer. I was for about a year in treatment with operations and chemotherapy and thankfully survived. On my healing journey I worked a lot with different healing methods, holistic medicine and gained some spiritual insights. Through all these experiences I learned more about myself and life then in all my life time before. It may sound like a paradox, but I feel like that having cancer was the most challenging, yet also the best thing, that happened to me. At the end of 2017 I started to write this blog in order to share my story and insights with fellow people living / surviving cancer and interested others.

Why did I start this blog?

When I was sick, I was looking for experiences from other survivors or cancer patients in my situation. Some stuff that I found was helpful for me. For example it was giving me courage to see, that people with my diagnosis could survive and thrive. However other things were causing me even more anxiety and stress, for instance when I read lots of stories from surgeries that went wrong or chemo side effects or people focusing their sharing around suffering and hardships.

As I mentioned I researched and learned a lot about holistic health, mind-body medicine, meditation and mindfulness, mental health and spiritual approaches. I felt that in my cancer treatment there was not a lot of awareness or guidance for such holistic approaches whatsoever and I often felt left alone and like I have to do all the research myself. I felt that I have to do all the “support” and self care work by myself apart from the medical system,as it wasn’t considered important or private matters by mainstream medicine. Since I would have wished to find more cancer patients like me, sharing how they use meditation, what they think about nutrition, how they get help and what books or spiritual teachers they find beneficial, I decided to start writing myself about these issues and share stuff, that has been and is helpful for me to deal with cancer and life in general.

So writing about my story is healing for my self in many ways. I reflect a lot, research things more in depth and express myself is very powerful by itself. At the same time I get a lot of positive feedback and that connects me to my own power to make an impact in this world. More about my vision and mission can be found here.

I also realized that I didn’t really see myself in a lot of material on cancer. Often times brochures or infrastructure is centered and made for cisgender heterosexual, white-majority German/Austrian and middle-class people, living hetero normative life styles. While I fall into some of these categories, my queerness was often not mentioned or thought off. On the other side, also in many spiritual traditions and meditation and mindfulness communities that I discovered, sex or sexual expression wasn’t really appreciated a lot or considered important. And even more so, I found that in many gay or mainstream LGBTIQ media, spaces and structures the topics of sickness, chronic illnesses and disability and spirituality is often pushed aside.

So since I had this experience of not really seeing myself in different contexts I thought I will start writing myself, integrating all of these topics, that are a part of me, in this blog.
For a short overview of some of the topics I write about in this blog, you can watch this video, that I created with a lovely friend two years ago.


How can you navigate

Although most of my blog is in German, you find all the articles in English in the English section on the task line. However there is a “google translate” function embedded on the top of the side bar and I was told that it works quite well to understand my German articles as well.

I write some articles introducing myself more, writing on my ideas and vision more in depth, and have some suggestions on how to read my blog.

The articles are categorized in texts about “my story/ Meine Geschichte” “Resourcen” and “Erkenntnisse/ Insights”. In “My Story” I share about my treatment, what I did after treatment, how it feels to write such a blog and where I am at right now.

In “Resourcen” I share practical tools, books and reflections on the work of influential people that helped me in my healing process. There are five main healing areas namely holistic medicine, mindfulness, mental health, physical health and community.

In “insights” I share about my spiritual discoveries.

All the links and material that I worked with are listed in the Links section.

I am really interested in hearing from you, your experiences and opinions, to exchange and collaborate! Feel invited to leave a comment beneath a blog post, get in touch via e-mail or on Facebook.

I wish you an interesting time reading here, as well as health, power and courage for your own journey!


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