Idea and vision: We can heal ourselves. Let’s go on this journey together

Das Bild zeigt ein Transparent das zwischen Bäumen vor der Neuen Donau aufgehängt ist. Darauf steht: "Happiness is only real when it's shared"
nach/after Christopher McCandless

The idea

During and after my chemotherapy the idea for this blog slowly developed as I myself found websites, blogs and YouTube channels of other patients diagnosed with cancer. These people shared their stories, experiences and challenges, but also their courage and strength. I myself did not feel like sharing my experiences during the therapy phase of my illness, but having regained health and my energy now I feel ready to do so.

On the one hand this helps me to cope with and reflect the many things that have happened, on the other hand I am convinced that a lot of the things that I discovered for myself might be useful for others. If only one person finds something positive or something that makes him/ her smile in this blog, I will feel like the site has been a success.

I am looking forward to getting answers or messages from others. Even though this blog is primarily a collection of my ideas and I have written the texts on my own, but many of these thoughts are not really mine. The blog is rather a collection of the ideas and insights of others, which I consider from my personal perspective.

In my point of view true human strength is based on mutual support, community and common creation. In this respect I am open for common projects or other forms of cooperation and excited about whatever can grow and develop. If you occupy yourself with similar concepts of have ideas how to cooperate, please write to me!

My vision

Here I am sharing my story as a survivor of cancer, but this is not my main concern. The core issue for me is healing. We all need healing, no matter how our lives situation is. In my case it meant falling ill with testicular cancer, others may suffer from a mental illness, an accident, a traumatic experience or the sudden loss of a beloved person.

We do not only need healing from illnesses or stressful situations, but also from misery caused by people, like violence, war, trauma, discrimination, exploitation, social inequality or the current neoliberal economic system.

I am convinced that all of us can “heal” ourselves – as far as it is possible under given circumstances. This requires the right set of conditions and the mutual support by many people. We are not isolated or alone in this world, but part of complex social networks and an ecosystem. For our own healing progress we also collectively need the healing of our society and on a global scale “ecological healing”.

I hope this website can contribute to this!

Thanks to my parents Rainer and Helga for helping me translating this article!

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