13 thoughts on how to read this website

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Before you dive into the content, I’d like to invite you to read these thoughts I have on how people can/could actually read this blog. Think of these points as a guide through the content or a lens through which you can look upon the concrete articles.

1. You have the power and the possibility to create your life

The articles on methods, ideas, concepts and people are an invitation from me to investigate what might be useful and helpful to you on your path of healing. Depending on the time and circumstance of your situation or illness and on the diversity of personality, not everything will be suitable for every person. I invite you to trust your intuition and trust that you will find the resources that benefit you at the right moment and the discernment to know which ones don’t fit your needs and situation.

2. You take what you need

I learned that, when I trust life and am open to whatever unfolds, the things, people and knowledge that I need come to me at the right moment. If you feel like some content doesn’t resonate with you at all, that’s as it should be. You can then just look for another resource and a way that suits your philosophy, personality and needs. If it happens that there is nothing beneficial for you on this website then it is not the end of the world. There are so much more ideas, teachers, healing ways and possibilities for you to take care of yourself and develop. If something upsets you or causes rejection or stress, I invite you to feel into yourself, to explore these feelings. It is possible that some part of you activated some kind of defence mechanism to what’s being presented. It might be, of course, that the way I expressed something doesn’t make any sense or that I couldn’t get the point across at all.
So before rejecting something completely I invite you to look into the original material or sources. At the end of each article I will post resources with links to videos, articles and literature. You also find all kinds of books, videos, interviews and articles under “Links”.

3. Citation and references

More or less all the content of this website and the articles reference things that I learned or read from others. Many of the books, teachers or ideas were introduced to me by lovely friends of mine. I try to take responsibility for what I write as much as I can. I try to point out exactly which ideas are from other people and which are mine. I want to show you how I read, understood and put into practice the work of many brilliant people through my own lens. The way that I’ve written this introductory article was inspired by the work of the healer, Layla Saad.

4. Spirituality — I have no need to convert anyone

Some articles or resources that I present here originate form Buddhist and spiritual teachings. For myself, I don’t define myself as Buddhist and I don’t care at all if people define themselves as spiritual or not. Meditation and mindfulness are for everybody and don’t need to be attached to a certain religious or spiritual tradition or practice necessarily. It doesn’t matter if you are atheist, agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or if you have some other belief system or indeed have none at all. I am inviting you just to be open to new ideas. I am convinced that many of the concepts and ideas that I present here can be of service to many people.
I aim to write in such a way as to make information as accessible as possible. I also try to draw connections between spiritual, scientific and other forms of knowledge.

5. Mindfulness and the „~“

Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the here and now. Especially when we do a lot of reading, our mind can become very active, and we can easily lose the connection to what is going on in our body. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle, I sometimes put this wave sign „~“ in-between a paragraph. This „~“ is an invitation to take a short break from reading, take a deep breath and feel into your body. How are you connected to the floor? How are you sitting at the moment? Where is your awareness? These questions are about reconnecting with what is going on inside you!

6. This is no replacement for medical treatment

I want to accentuate the fact that I wouldn’t be alive today and writing these sentences if I hadn’t have had conventional medical treatment such as chemotherapy and surgical operations. All the things I am writing about on this site refer to integrative and complementary medicine. I believe that people have the full power and responsibility to decide which medical procedures they want to take to improve and protect their health.
Sometimes alternative healers or spiritual teachings can provoke a pressure to decide against conventional medicine. The moment so called healers pressure sick people or don’t take their thoughts and feelings seriously, I’d suggest that you reflect if working with such a person or idea feels really right for you. There are always open-minded doctors and professionals with whom you can discuss your plans with holistic or “alternative” medicine!

7. Financial questions and sorting out daily life

I am able to write this website because I am in a fortunate position. Before I got sick I was working full time as a social worker. Therefore and because of the social welfare system in Austria, I receive a pension at the moment, so I can live without existential and financial worries. I am aware that there are many people who find themselves in very difficult conditions after they encounter a serious illness. For this reason I wrote an article about financial and social resources for cancer patients in Austria. For all people living elsewhere, I would suggest you consult a qualified social worker or seek support in any difficult situation! Most people, myself included, can only start a journey within themselves if the daily life and practical stuff is sorted out. In my experience a lot of services in holistic medicine are expensive and cater for the upper middle classes.
Fortunately there is also a lot we can do which isn’t dependant on income. Thanks to the internet a lot of teachings, guided meditations, instruction and knowledge is accessible for all of us for free. This is great! However, I also try to think about how much hard work and love people put into their videos, books, audio files, websites or services. So I also try to buy books or products or donate something. This gives me a good feeling and I can express my gratitude for work, that helps or has helped me.

8. Whose work is this website really?

Some articles I’ll share deal with the question of who we ultimately are. They refer on my learning that all things and appearances are deeply intertwined and interdependent. So is this website really mine? Or is it not also partly the product of the hard and dedicated work of all doctors, nurses and cleaning workers in the hospital, without whom I wouldn’t be here today? Is it not also the product of all my friends and companions, whose love and support also enabled me to survive? Is it not also the work of many farmers, who produce nutritious food, that enable me to eat in a healthy and healing way? What about the people who work in power plants or as technicians, who enable me to use electricity for this computer? Doesn’t this website also contain all the work of many people, who with their social insurance contributions enable me to receive my benefits and therefore giving me time to heal and use my energy to write?
These were just a few examples of the many conditions, that contribute to the existence of this website. In that respect I see myself as a megaphone and the person writing these lines. But also the work of many other human beings, many circumstances on the level of society come together so that this text could come into existence. For this I am very grateful!

9. My view is shaped by my position — intersectionality

Many of the articles on this website refer to spiritual teachings that try to transcend our isolated and separated identities and point to the deep wisdom, that we are all connected and one on a deeper level. Such approaches are often referred to with words like non-duality or interbeing. I discovered through my story that we are all ‘one’ and that we are more than just our body, our history or identity.
Despite this I am still a human being with an identity, a gender, a colour of skin, a social status, a citizenship and much more. Due to these categories I take place at a certain position in the power structure of the reality and society I live in. The way we look upon the world is largely shaped by the combination of these different social categories, that come with different levels of power and acceptance. Mostly Black(-feminist) scientists and activists have pointed to the necessity to take these different positions into account, when we look at things. This approach is called “intersectionality“ in science.
I grew up as a white, gay man in a working class neighbourhood in Vienna. My family is ‘originally’ Austrian and middle class. I have a university degree, no financial worries and German is my native language. All these and many more factors have an effect the experiences that I make in life and that I write about. You will find yourself in another position, and your experiences may be similar or very different to mine. However, I hope that this website will also be useful to you, with maybe a very different history and story!

10. Healing for myself / healing for everybody

I try to be aware of the fact that other people have different experiences due to their position in society, the power structure. Our western and (western) European societies are based on a history of racism, colonialisation, exploitation of workers, environmental damage and destruction, suppression of women and queer/LGBTIQ people. To obscure these power relations and dynamics when using spiritual considerations perpetuates the marginalisation and oppression of people. In reference to Layla Saad, I label this as “spiritual bypassing” on a societal level.

In many articles I want to show that spirituality and a knowing of connection and relatedness to all life on this planet can be used to heal ourselves. In a wider perspective however it has to be our common goal to also heal our society and the planet at large. To heal from racism, sexism, oppression, colonialism, exploitation, slavery, environmental destruction, (sexual) violence and abuse, a destructive economic system, preventable diseases and illnesses caused by environmental damage or dysfunctional structures in society and all forms of discrimination.
Most of these articles are about healing ourselves and reflect my path as a survivor of cancer. But in a next step I would also like to look more in detail into the work of people who use spiritual knowledge to transform also structures in society and contribute to more freedom and equality among human beings. To cut a long story short: You are an important part in this global healing process! So stay tuned!

11. Courage to not being perfect

I am a human being, therefore, I am not perfect. If I write about a certain idea or topic I will most likely simplify or shorten the ideas, messages and stories of other authors. At the same time I can surely not “nail the point” perfectly in every article. So one thing is for sure. The articles and resources won’t be perfect in every aspect. This is also not necessary. They are just supposed to stimulate some curiosity and make you look into the things that resonate with you in more detail.

12. Love

I have put a lot of love and mindfulness into all the articles and this website as a whole. When I worked on a text, I paused regularly, meditated and asked myself if the essence is there or if something essential is still missing. I tried to write with love, respect and appreciation of myself and all other human and sentient beings. I hope that this energy is also reaching you!

13. Feedback and Critique

If for some reason this is not the case, maybe because I wrote something that is false or hurtful or giving you a bad feeling, please let me know (in a kind and respectful way if possible). Of course, I am also very happy for all positive feedback and your questions, ideas or stories!

I hope that you can take something meaningful and positive away from this website!

A big thank you to Bruce Guthrie for proofreading this article!

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